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PROject-Based SCHOOL Management

Schools have to change in order to adapt to changing environments and to bring up students for a knowledge based society. However, some schools are losing students because they are considered unsuccessful by parents and society. It is a well known fact that school managers who are capable of adapting schools to changing environments and who are equipped with good leadership characteristics are the main components of effective school. Increased management abilities of school managers will improve the effectiveness of schools. Effective schools will bring up more successful students. The successful students will be a contribution to society.
In this project through adopting “Project Based Management” to school management a new school management method is developed. Project based management method has been widely used and its success has proved. By adapting this method into school management, schools will be improved, become more effective and successful.
The COMENIUS in-service training course Project-Based School Management and Effective School Indicators will take place in Izmir, Turkey, between 26 of September -1st of October 2010. 

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