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The Network

School leadership is at the top of the agenda in education today. School leadership teams do not only have to worry about how school functions, they also have a decisive influence on the educational success of children and young people. It is true all over Europe: schools will only find sustainable answers to the challenges of the 21st century, if the leadership teams carry out their duties professionally and effectively. Moreover, school will have to change because of demographic and societal developments.

One of the aims of the network was a compilation of a European-wide Synopsis on the quality of school leadership. The work includes the dissemination of the results via the project website and in printed form, as well as the establishment of a European Framework of Reference on the quality of school leadership.
This website is intended as a comprehensive information system for an expert public interested in concepts and programmes referring to school leadership and the qualification of leadership teams.

Moreover, all abstracts and presentations of the annual dissemination conferences and symposia where various leadership topics were discussed, can also be found on this website.

There are some interesting European concepts and models strength­ening the position of school leadership teams. The aim of the network was to put all these many ideas and ex­pe­riences together, to assess them mutually and to disseminate them.

We have therefore integrated national sub-systems incl. school heads, organisations, universities etc. in the network and would like to have you on board as an active supporter, whether as: 

  • a cascader on the school staff
  • an educational expert
  • a network critic
  • an author of Further Education materials

We guarantee that your support will be documented accordingly in the network.

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