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THE ELTE (European Leaders' Training in Education) PROGRAMME

ELTE designed a training programme for persons who want to become head teachers, inspectors, mentors, supervisors or other leading personnel in the field of education with respect to national needs including the European dimension. Important parts of the curriculum cover organisation and management competences, problem solving skills, leadership, and expertise in the “state of the art” teaching methods, school development strategies as well as the analysis of national and international education systems. The 30 credits curriculum is modularised and enables participants to choose obligatory modules from a pool according to their own needs.
The courses are tested and evaluated on a national and international basis. All participating institutions offer at least one module where students from abroad may also participate. This process will be done in cooperation with local education authorities. After successful evaluation of the courses participating institutions (HEIs) will implement the study programme in cooperation with educational authorities. The aim of ELTE is a sustainable and permanent development within the area of continuous professional training. 

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