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The AHEAD project aims at providing headmasters with the need skills (leadership and management) to cope with the European projects management and to build a team in charge of the EU projects. The AHEAD didactic model combines a web based PBL (Problem-Based-Learning) approach with a peer training method to promote the ongoing updating of headmasters’ practical skills.

The e-course addressed to headmasters includes Learning Objects (LO) to develop knowledge, PBL case studies/scenarios to develop practical skills, case studies/scenarios carried out by learning as project work which will be uploaded on the PBL repository. The course covers the following topics: team building, team working, fundraising and EU funds, project cycle management. It includes 18 hours of theoretical knowledge, 32 hours of development of practical skills through the virtual PBL methodology, 20 hours of project work which consists of case studies/scenarios carried out by headmasters and uploaded on the PBL repository.

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