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Direcção Regional de Educação (DREC)

Direcção Regional de Educação (DREC) is a decentralized state administration department, with administrative autonomy, belonging to the Ministry of Education.
DREC has administrative decentralized educational functions, guaranteeing the orientation, coordination and supervision of schools as well as support and information to educational system users. It also ensures links and articulation with municipal authorities within their educational remit and, finally, ensures legal services according to its mission.

Regional Education Directions’ role, mediating and establishing links between central and local education services contributes to a close comprehension of local reality and to the adjustment of the Educational System and educational policies to schools’ profiles.
The aim of these teams is “to deepen proximity policies and to develop schools’ autonomy” articulating and complementing the action of different DREC services such as Service Departments and Multidisciplinary Teams.
School Support Teams (EAE) are structures that operate “in developing transversal project activity areas”.

Through EAE action the regional educational administration wants to give better support to schools’ change challenges. The administration’s new attitude aims at school autonomy consolidation, considering each school’s problems and potentials.
EAE action aiming at autonomous, common and inclusive work is based on a direct technical and pedagogical support to schools; nevertheless, they will keep a critical view on different issues which is required by their research, advice, collaboration, cooperation and checking tasks.

DREC’s strategic view of its global action is ”to contribute to improving conditions for educational success in its whole”, namely aiming at the educational system changing into a school system and aiming at school becoming a partner in a local education and training system.”

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