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National Institute for Further Education

National Institute for Further Education (NIFE) Czech Republic is an educational institution with nationwide scope (fourteen detached workplaces in all regions of the Czech Republic) which was established in 2005 by the Czech Ministry of Education. This institution offers long-term and short-term courses, seminar meetings, lectures and other activities in the field of in-service training of pedagogical staff.

The priorities of NIFE activities are: in-service training related with curricular reform, education of  school management, foreign language teaching, preventing negative phenomena in education (e.g. racism, extremism, bullying). Many educational programmes provided by the NIFE are co-funded either from the budget of the Ministry of Education (so called development programmes) or from European Social Fund (Selfevaluation of schools, Personnel Management, CLIL).

NIFE is also focusing on analysing needs in the sphere of in-service training of pedagogical staff and creating its own concept in this area. The institution is involved in many international projects in order to exchange experience and examples of best practise with foreign partners.


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