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Study visit Hannover (DE) – Sept. 23-27, 2013

Improving teaching and learning – Central role of school leaders
(study visit group 48)


School development and quality improvement in teaching and learning are central issues in any educational system. The Lower Saxony State Institute for Quality Development in Schools (NLQ) has considerable expertise in this field as they regularly initiate and implement (European) development projects for schools. They also inspect schools and provide in-service-training for head teachers and teachers. The visit will draw upon results of a Comenius network on leadership in education. Methods on how head teachers can structure schools to improve student learning will be shown. The group will look at good practice models for implementing school programmes, alternative organisational structures and evaluation methods.


Participants will learn about: 

  • alternative school models (mixed-age classes, openspace learning, school-community networks);
  • a European network on leadership in education;
  • factors of success for developing a school programme;
  • internal and external quality evaluation.


Participants will: 

  • visit primary and secondary schools with specific organisational concepts to promote high
  • quality in teaching and learning;
  • observe innovative and collaborative students’ and teachers’ work;
  • meet and interact with head teachers, experts, advisors and project coordinators.


  • directors of education and vocational training institutions, centres or providers,
  • educational and vocational training inspectors,
  • head teachers, teacher trainers,
  • heads of departments,
  • human resource managers,
  • representatives of local, regional and national authorities,
  • researchers.

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