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Pädagogisches Institut für die deutsche Sprachgruppe

The Educational Institute is involved in teacher education and functions as an advisory board and service agency for local authorities and schools in South Tyrol in educational matters.

The major tasks of the Institute are school development and quality assurance. This includes responsibility for the develop­ment of school curricula, planning and organising in-service training courses, and assistance for schools in the field of didactic innovation and teaching materials.

In collaboration with publishing houses, it develops and dis­tributes schoolbooks and teaching manuals and assists the evaluation of the school system by supporting and counselling schools in their self-evaluation and quality management activities.

The Institute was partner in several European educational projects and coordinator of the COMENIUS Network Syneva (2004–2007). The focus of the network was the creation of synergies between internal and external evaluation of schools and the educational system. The expert knowledge resulting from this long-term involvement in European projects will be of particular value for the areas of dissemination and valorisation of results of our Leadership network.

For more information, please visit the education department. You will also find information at the South Tyrolian school head association (German or Italian) .

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