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Leadership Development for Schools

Leadership Development for Schools (LDS) is a programme fun­ded by the Department of Education and Science (DES) for the development of school leaders. The organisation is managed through Clare Education Centre and is staffed by experienced school leaders seconded from their positions to the programme. At present there are 18 full-time team members and over fifty associates who commit approx 15 days per year to the develop­ment and delivery of courses to school leaders. The Leadership Development for Schools Programme (LDS) provides professional development for 3,000 emerging and established school leaders on an annual basis. It also provides support to newly appointed principals and deputy principals, to experienced principals with their deputies and to middle management teams.

This year's portfolio of activities includes a programme for future school leaders and signals the expansion of leadership pro­grammes to other members of the teaching profession. LDS programmes are rooted in a strong commitment to supporting programme participants in their ongoing development as leaders while focussing on improving outcomes for all pupils in Irish schools. Leadership Development for school teams is committed to im­proving and enriching the professional practice of Irish school leaders through support and professional development.

Leadership Development for schools aims to promote the concept of leadership as an inclusive process by providing accessible, effective leadership training for participants through a variety of models including face-to-face interactive seminars, active learning networks and virtual learning environments.

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